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Tankini tank tops

Tankini tank tops for women

Shop stylish tankinis for women from Sunkini. With us, you will find tankinis in different colors, patterns and sizes with a stylish and simple design. The tankini is halterneck and is cut low in the back. At the bust, the bathing suit has a double fabric, but over the belly ...

it is only a single fabric so it is as much tan through as possible. Buy tankinis for women easily online with us at Sunkini.

Stylish tankinis both for the beach and for everyday life

Our tankini tank tops work just as well to wear to the beach for swimming as on a hot summer day to a pair of shorts, a skirt or together with our own beach trousers. When you wear the tankini tank top, you do not even need to bring a change in your beach bag. Just get to the beach with the tank on, swim several times, sunbathe for a while and then you are ready to go home again without having to change. We all know how difficult it can be to stand on the beach and hold up a towel to change.


Two-piece swimsuit

Another name for tankini is usually a two-piece swimsuit, because that's exactly how it is when you have your bathing suit together with a pair of bikini bottoms. With us, you can buy your tankini separately, so you always need to match with a pair of bikini bottoms if you want it as a two-piece swimsuit. It is perfect because you can then choose two completely different sizes. Or why not two completely different colors? You can also buy one of our package prices where a tankini is included - Bikini & tankini or Bikini, tankini, sarong & hairband. Then you save up to 20% on your purchase.


Quick-drying and tan through tankini tank tops

All our tankinis for women are tan through so that you get a smoother tan without sharp tan lines. The small holes in the fabric mean that the sun's rays also reach the skin under your tankini tank top. As the sun passes through the fabric, we always recommend using SPF, even under the fabric. It is possible to cut off a layer of fabric if you want to increase the tan through effect on the tankinin at the bust, but keep in mind that the tankinin will then be more transparent. Our tankinis are also very quick-drying. If you are in direct sunlight, you will quickly get rid of the wet and uncomfortable feeling that usually wet swimwear can give. With our tankini tank tops, you do not need to change after you have bathed.


What size should I choose on my tankini?

The tankini is "normal" in size and in general you can choose the size you normally wear on tops in clothes. If you have a larger bust, or just want a looser fit on your tankini tank top, then you may need to go up one size. Because the tankini is tied around the neck, the tankini becomes slightly adjustable in size. If you want more information about which size to choose, you can check out our size guide, or contact us for more help.


Washing tips for your tankini

We always recommend hand washing to maintain quality for as long as possible. It is best to rinse the tankini tank top with a little soap after each use and then hang dry. Do not twist the water out in a wet state as it can ruin the quality and fit. The tankini can be machine washed at 40 degrees Celsius with similar colors, but we would still recommend a gentle washing program. Use a laundry bag to protect details and the fabric from being destroyed by other garments. Our products can not be tumble dried or ironed.


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