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Palm patterned triangular top from Sunkini Triangular top in palm pattern from Sunkini Palm patterned tan through bikini Tan through bikini from Sunkini Tan through bikini top Sunkinis tan through triangular top Palms - Triangular top

Palms - Triangular top



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●  Tie in neck and back

●  Customizable size

●  Adjustable sideways

●  Quick drying

The triangles can be adjusted sideways so you can better adjust the top to your body type for a perfect fit. You can regulate the size yourself with the straps around the neck and back. If you want to shorten the straps, you can easily cut them to the length you want.

If you are not sure about size, check out our size guide.


All Sunkini products is extremely quick drying and lets the sun through for a more even tan. The fabric corresponds to approximately a sun protection factor of 10-12 for single fabric, and 16-20 for double fabric. You can choose to cut the interior fabric (on products with more than one layer) if you want more sunlight to come through, but make sure you do not think it is too transparent before you do. The elastic lining doesn't let through any sunlight, therefore it's good to move them around a bit while you're tanning for an even tan.


We have great deals for you who want to order a package with several products. You need to order via package prices, the discount is not automatically summed if you pick individual products to your shopping cart.

  €89 - Top, pants & sarong

  €99 - Top, pants & tankini

  €119 - Top, pants & tunic

  €119 - Top, pants & poncho

  €119 - Top, pants & beachdress

  €129 - Top, pants, tankini, sarong & hairband

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Triangular top in palm pattern from Sunkini
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