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Bikini in blue pattern for women from Bikini in blue pattern for women from Bikini in blue pattern for women from Sarong in blue for women from

Blue Breeze - Bikini & sarong



Blue Breeze - Sarong

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Color description

Blue Breeze has a speckled pattern with the colors light blue, dark blue and black.


All Sunkini products are extremely quick drying, especially in direct sunlight, and partially tan through for a smoother and more even tan. The fabric corresponds approximately to a sun protection factor of 10-12 for single fabrics and 16-20 for double fabrics. In the tops with three layers of fabric, the sun protection factor corresponds to approximately 30. However, we always recommend to use sunscreen even under the garments.

To increase the tan through amount, you can choose to cut off the inner fabric (on products with more than one layer), but make sure you do not think it is too transparent first. Straps and elastics are not tan through at all, so for a smoother result, you should therefore move around these from time to time. We want to point out that sunbathing with our products can not be compared to sunbathing naked, but with the help of our products you can get a smoother tan and reduce the tan lines.


Product Description

By buying a bikini set & sarong as a package you save 10%. Simply choose which model of top and bottom you want in any size available. The sarong is ONE SIZE and is included automatically. To see more pictures and get more information about the products, you can click on each product through our menu.

Bikini in blue pattern for women from
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