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Our story

In the fall of 2011 me and my husband went on a vacation to celebrate our engagement, the destination was Fuerteventura. On the beach I had to change my bikini all the time to prevent unflattering tan lines. Even though it was annoying to change bikini all the time, an idea was born.

Together with my husband we decided to create a bikini that would let the sun through. Just a year later we managed to find the perfect fabric for our swimwear and the sun protection is equal to approximately 10 to 20 (except for the linings and bands).

At the beginning of this project we had no idea that it would even be possible to design a bikini that would be able to let the sun through, but here we are. It must have been our problem-solving passion that triggered us to continue and to finally create this innovative type of swimwear.

We hope you will love our Sunkini as much as we do and please get in contact with us if you have any questions or ideas. Maybe you want us to design other types of beachwear? Let us know!

All the best,
Frida & Leif Jägerbrand


Leif J├Ągerbrand


Company information

Full company name is Sunkini Sweden AB, corporate registration number 556914-7795. The company's registered office is Uddevalla, Sweden.

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