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Our story

How did it all start?

In the fall of 2011, the founders Frida and Leif were on an engagement trip to Fuerteventura. On the beach, Frida changed her bikini top every two hours because she didn't want any tan lines. Leif scratched his head and wondered why. When she told him the reason, at first he thought it was ridiculous. Her answer was -”I will invent a bikini that lets the sun rays through and you'll see it will sell!”.

The idea of creating a bikini that lets the sun rays through was raised and just over a year later they had found the right fabric. The first 200 orders were sold via Facebook and then everything started to take form for real.


When you wear the bikini it's like having a sun protection factor of 12-20 on two layers of fabric, except for the bikini straps and where all the seams are. At first I did not think it would be possible to get a bikini that let through the sun rays and reduced the tan lines, but now there is Sunkini.

Another feature with the fabric is that it dries extremely fast after bathing. In just a few minutes, the bikini is dry when you're outside in warm and sunny wheather. Many customers have contacted us and tolded us that they appreciate that the products are so quick-drying and therefore continue to buy Sunkini every time they need new swimwear. Especially the customers who usually get a urinary tract infection appreciate this as you do not have to walk around with wet swimwear.


Over the years, you customers have provided feedback on which products you want. We have produced beach dresses, beach tunics and beach trousers thanks to your feedback. We are so grateful that you contact us with requests.

If you have suggestions for patterns or garments that you would like, you are warmly welcome to contact us.

In 2023, LO Consulting took over operations with the aim of continuing to develop and drive Sunkini forward.


Company info

Full company name is LO Consulting AB, Möbelgatan 4, 43133, Mölndal, corporate registration number 559157-5203. The company's registered office is Gothenburg, Sweden.

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