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Exchanges & Returns

Because of our clearance sale we do not offer exchanges or returns at this time.

We offer 30 days right to return on all items and orders, even bikini pants and swimsuits. Of course you can exchange / return parts of your order, everything can be purchased separately. Keep in mind that if you return part of a package without exchanging it, you will pay the original price for the items you have kept.

Before you proceed with your exchange/return, please read below:

  • The item, including labeling and protective plastic, must be in original condition when returning or exchanging the item.
  • If the items smell perfume or similar then the exchange / return will be denied. You as a customer are responsible for that the product is sent back in the same condition as it arrived.
  • It can take up to 10 working days (within Sweden, otherwise longer depending on the carrier) for the return to arrive at the warehouse and have been processed. Contact us if it takes longer than that.
  • CHECK CAREFULLY that the items are put in the same bag as they came in. Returns in the wrong bag will be charged with 150 SEK / €15.
  • Please use the same packaging as the item was sent in.
  • Exhange / returns cost 59 SEK / €6 per package. If you are going to exchange / return from different orders but send in the same package, notify us at so you do not have to pay double return fees.
  • Open purchase also applies to discounted products. Exchanges/returns cost 59 SEK / €6 just as usual.
  • The customer is responsible for shipping costs for packages sent back from countries other than Sweden. We recommend to send with a tracking number.
  • We will credit your invoice, or refund your payment, once we get your items to our warehouse (minus the returning fee of 59 SEK / €6. You will get confirmation with an email.
  • If you have selected invoice with Klarna as your payment method but have not paid yet, you can log in to their page to report the return. Then the invoice is paused until we have processed your return.

Want to return the Sunkini because it is too transparent?

Be sure to try your Sunkini outdoors in daylight. In indoor lighting our products are a little more transparent than outdoors. Also note that if you have a size too small then the clothes will be more transparent, because the fabric and the small holes will be stretched.


How it works


1. Want to make an exchange? Order the items you want to change to in our shop.


2. Pack the return slip and the items. Make sure they are in the right bag.



3. Paste the included return label on the package.
(Sweden only)


4. Ready to be shipped! Packages outside Sweden must be shipped directly to our warehouse.

Still have questions?

If you want to make an exchange, start by ordering the items you want to change to. This way you will know the items are in stock, and you will get the new items must faster. Fill out the return form with the reason for returning and if it is an exchange or a return. When exchanging, you also fill in the new order number on the dashed line. Pack the return slip and the items you wish to return (preferably in the same packaging you received your items in). Items must be in the same bag they came in. Double check that the product matches the label on the bag since returns in the wrong bag will be charged with 150 SEK / €6. Paste the included return label on the package (Sweden only). The package is now ready to be submitted at your post office. If you are making an exchange / return from a country other than Sweden, you will need to send the package yourself to the following address: 
LO Consulting AB
Röra Byväg 5
418 78 Göteborg

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you write your order number and your contact information on the package. You as a customer is responsible for shipping costs. We recommend to send with a tracking number. (This applies to packages shipped back from countries other than Sweden).

Want to make a complaint?

If you would like to make a complaint, please contact us at Describe what is wrong with the product and let us know your order number. Send pictures of the defect so we can handle your complaint faster. After approved complaint, the decision is made if the item needs to be sent back to us.


Contact us

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Email us at and we will answer as soon as possible.

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