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All about Sunkini

Quick drying and tan through bikinis and beachwear from Sweden

Sunkini is a Swedish company that sells swimwear and beachwear online. With several models and colors, we offer bikinis, swimsuits and different beachwear for women in sizes between XS to XXL.

The start for Sunkini came in the autumn of 2011 when the owners of Sunkini, Frida Jägerbrand and Leif Jägerbrand, were on an engagement trip in Fuerteventura. One day at the beach, Frida changed her bikini once in the block because she did not want any tan lines. There, the idea was born to create a bikini that is tan through and quick drying

Over the years, the range has been expanded with tankinis, swimsuits, beach tunics, beach dresses and sarongs that are made in exactly the same fabric as our bikinis. Therefore, our beach clothes also let through the sun and dry quickly if you want to swim with the beach dress.


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Avoid tan lines

With Sunkini's swimwear and beachwear, you will get a nice and even tan. With our swimwear, you avoid tan lines very easily. All our swimwear and beachwear are made of mesh which consists of many small holes. This allows the sun to let through sunlight and also gives you a tan under the fabric. By moving the straps on the swimwear from time to time, it is easier to get a smoother tan.


Avoid wet swimwear

Do you hate that heavy and wet feeling a bikini usually gives when you have just bathed? You can avoid that with swimwear from Sunkini. The thin material on the swimwear is extremely quick-drying and in strong sunlight it can go as fast as 5-10 minutes before you are dry again.

Not only are wet swimwear uncomfortable, but wet swimwear can also lead to urinary tract infections or other genital problems. With swimwear from Sunkini, you significantly reduce the risk considering how quick-drying the fabric is.


Bikini tops

Choose a bikini top that suits you, we have several different models and colors.


Bikini bottoms

Choose a bikini bottom that suits you, we have several different models and colors.



Choose from several beachwear to find your favorite. A perfect complement to your bikini.


A complete beach outfit

There are many different types of beachwear you can combine with your bikini for a complete beach outfit. With us at Sunkini, you can also match your bikini with a beach garment in exactly the same color and pattern for an overall look. If you are only going to choose one beach garment for your bikini, we definitely recommend the versatile beach sarong.


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Washing instructions for bikinis and beachwear

We always recommend handwashing to maintain the quality of your swimwear for as long as possible. The products can be washed in a machine at 40 degrees with similar colors. Feel free to use a laundry bag to protect the details of the swimwear. Our products can not be tumble dried.


How to maintain your tan

When the sun is up, many people strive to get that even and nice tan. But how do you really do that? Depending on what kind of pigment you have, it can be difficult to get a tan. But no matter what kind of pigment you have, there are some tricks you should keep in mind when you are out in the sun.

First and foremost, you need to think about scrubbing your body properly to remove dead skin cells. It makes it easier to get a nice and even tan. Another thing to keep in mind is to remove makeup before going out in the sun as well as other unnecessary products to avoid getting a smudged tan.

Most important of all is to use sunscreen and remember to apply well in advance so that the sunscreen has time to sink properly into your skin. Something you should also take into account is that you should try not to sunbathe when the sun is at its strongest, which is usually between 11 am and 2 pm.

Do not forget that you get tanned in the shade too! Last but not least, moisturizing is a must for the tan to stay even and nice and it also means that you do not lose color as quickly. Do not forget the face either!


The history of the bikini

It was in the 1940s that the bikini came into the world, it was an engineer named Louis Réard and a fashion designer named Jaques Heim who created the bikini. Before that, it was completely unthinkable in many cases to expose your stomach.

The bikini breakthrough in the 40s changed the whole way of thinking about swimwear. Not much fabric was needed to create a bikini and many felt that it was revolutionary and daring to use a bikini.

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