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All about sarongs

What is a sarong?

A sarong is an, often rectangular, piece of fabric that you can wear exactly how you want. The word sarong comes from the Malay language. The sarong is common in Indonesia where it is used by both men and women as a garment. In the western parts, it is most common to tie it around the hip like a wrap skirt and have it as a beach garment.

A sarong is perfect to wear on the beach, poolside or when visiting a spa if you want a full outfit or if you just want something that is easy to wrap around the body. Our sarongs consist of a piece of fabric that is rounded at the bottom and is only available in one size but in several different patterns and colors. Our sarongs is partially tan through and are quick-drying just like our other beachwear and swimwear.

Savannah Sarong
Wild Leo Sarong

How do you wear the sarong?

You can wear a sarong exactly how you want. The most common is to tie it around the hip like a wrap skirt, but there are so many ways to tie it.

The best thing about the sarong is that it is adaptable and you can therefore tie the skirt to whatever length you want. You can, for example, tie it to a dress, shawl or perhaps as a hair accessory. Or why not use your sarong as a thin blanket or maybe a nice little pillow when you lie and sunbathe on the beach?

The sarong is also perfect to match to your bikini, tankini, or swimsuit for a complete beach outfit. If you want a product that is useful, you should really invest in a sarong. We have several package prices where the sarong is included where you can save up to 20% on your purchase.

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