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All about bikini

Bikini models

With us at Sunkini, you will find several different bikini models in lots of colors and patterns so that you will find something you like and that suits you. At this moment, we offer four different bikini tops and three different bikini bottoms. The majority of all colors are limited edition. This means that we usually do not restock a color again. Therefore, be careful if you find a color you like so that there is no risk that it will sell out and never come into stock again.

The four different bikini tops we offer are top with push, top with support, top with tie straps and triangular top. The three different bikini bottoms we offer are knotpants, hotpants and high waist pants and all are sewn with a so-called scrunch butt. All bikini models can be purchased separately or together in a bikini set.

Triangle bikini Blue Breeze
Triangle bikini Magic Skulls

Triangular bikinis

A triangular bikini is a classic and works for women of all ages. In our shop we call the triangle bikini triangular top and knotpants and it is available in lots of different colors and patterns.

With your triangle bikini, you can choose different sizes of your bikini top and your bikini bottom with us. We women often have different sizes at the top and bottom. You can either buy your triangle bikini with the parts separately (perfect if you want to go for different colors and combinations), or as a bikini set.

Our triangular bikini with tie is suitable for you who do not need any support for the bust or want a bikini top with padding. The minimal fabric of the triangular bikini makes it perfect to use when you want to maximize your tanning. Just don't forget to move around the bands from time to time for a more even tan.

Maybe you have seen online that some have their triangle bikini in the wrong direction? It is simply a trend that has started among young women. The straps you actually tie around the neck are tied around the back and vice versa. Tying the triangle bikini in the wrong direction gives a completely different fit and also works on our triangle tops.


Bikini with padding

There are many who like to have a padded cup on their bikini to give a little extra support or shape. That's why we offer several different bikini tops with padding. They are also removable so it is entirely up to you whether you want to use the removable padding or not.

When you use the padding on our bikinis, they will no longer be as quick-drying as they usually are. And no sun comes through the fabric where the padding is, so it's not tan through at all with the padding. A good way to still use the good properties even when you want to use the padding is to take out the padding after swimming and put it in the sun. Then both the bikini dries faster and you also get sun on the skin under the bikini. Don't forget to use sunscreen!

Black Diamond Top with push
Savannah Top with support
Wild Leo Top with tie straps

Bikini in large sizes

We offer several bikinis in large sizes up to size XXL. Size XXL corresponds to approximately size 48 in clothing (EU). You can easily sort by your particular size when you are on a product page. You do this by clicking on "Filter" and then "Choose size" and check the size or sizes you are looking for. Then you get the products that are in your desired size.

All our bikini tops in larger sizes are without a bra strap as they break the thin fabric too easily, but hopefully you will find something that suits you. We have our bikini bra called top with push, it is most loved by our customers who have a bigger and heavier bust. If you are larger but with a smaller bust, our top with support works best. It is larger in size but with a smaller cup. If you want a bikini with a halter neck, our top with tie straps is perfect. However, if you have a very heavy bust, it can be too heavy for the neck.

On bikini bottoms, it is really your own taste and what you feel comfortable with that determines which model suits you best. The majority of our customers with a larger size like our high-waisted bikini bottom. It can be adjusted in height with the strings on the side so you can have it exactly as you wish.

We strive for all women to be comfortable wearing swimwear, regardless of their body shape, age or other reasons why they might not want to wear swimwear. We hope you will feel comfortable on the beach in a Sunkini.

Monstera Top with push

Which bikini is suitable for a small bust?

Are you looking for the best bikini for a smaller bust? Then the triangle bikini is perfect for you. The triangle top puts your bust in the spotlight, and visually it is a patterned print you should go for. With us at Sunkini, you have many patterns and colors to choose from on your bikini top.

Our triangle top is available in sizes XS-XXL and it is really only the cup size that decides which size you should choose because the top is tied both in the neck and around the back. If you want the bikini top to have more coverage, you can go up one size compared to what you normally choose. The cups are adjustable sideways so the bikini top is very easy to adapt to your particular bust. The top has no padding , but for the creative it is possible to cut up the inner fabric to insert a suitable padding yourself. The triangle top also has decorative pearls that can be replaced or removed if desired.

Triangular top Lovely Leaf
Triangular top Royal Red

Which bikini is right for my body type?

Pear-shaped figure - Smaller at the bust and wider at the hip
Bandeau bikinis and halterneck bikinis fit well if you have a so-called pear-shaped figure where you are wider at the hip than at the bust. When you have this body shape, you often want to emphasize your upper body for a balanced visual expression. Here, a lot of color and pattern is your best friend. Another tip is to combine your colorful bikini top with e.g. a black bikini bottom. A perfect combination from Sunkini could be to match top with push along with high waist pants.

Apple-shaped figure - Wider upper body and narrow hips
Are you wider at the shoulders with a larger bust but smaller at the lower body with narrower hips? Then you have the body shape called the apple-shaped figure. With this body shape, bikini bottoms that take focus are a perfect choice. Here, too, color, pattern, knots and other details are a good tip for choosing a bikini bottom. A high cut on the panties is also flattering as it makes the upper body look longer. If you want to divert focus from your bust, we would recommend combining a colorful bottom with a black top. A good tip from Sunkini could be top with push together with knotpants or high waist pants if you want a lower part that covers part of the abdomen.

Hourglass - Wide shoulders and wide hips
If you have broad shoulders and wide hips, you probably have a so-called hourglass shape. A halterneck model emphasizes your waist, but be sure to choose one with good support if you have a larger bust. If you do not want to focus on your bust, you can choose a dark and discreet color on the bikini top. An excellent combination from Sunkini could be to match top with tie straps along with the bikini bottom that suits you best. We would recommend a half to high waist that is flattering for an hourglass figure.

Rectangular / Athletic figure - Equally wide shoulders and hips
If you are straight in body shape where neither your shoulders nor hips protrude, you probably have a rectangular or athletic figure. Then you usually want to emphasize the shapes as much as you can. Here, a prominent bikini is a perfect choice, so choose something colorful or something with ornate details. Tie details are perfect and create the illusion of wider hips in a bikini bottom. A good choice from Sunkini could be a colorful combination of top with tie straps or triangle top with a small bust together with knotpants.

Wild Leo Bikini
Black Diamond Bikini
Royal Red Bikini

What bikini color suits me?

Pale to light skin tone
If you have a very light skin color, you are best suited in soft colors, e.g. light pink or baby blue. What you should avoid are strong and dark colors that can make you look very pale.

Light brown skin color
If you are naturally light brown in the skin or just have a tan, strong colors are perfect. It will highlight your tan even more. But you can also choose earth-colored shades such as brown and beige.

Dark skin color
If you are dark in skin color, or just went on holiday for a very long time, you will fit in all colors. So just pick and choose until you find your favorite. If you want to look even more tanned, a light bikini is a tip. The color contrast will make the skin look darker.

Royal Red Bikini
Summer Bikini

Bikini for prosthesis

Are you looking for a bikini with a pocket for a prosthesis? Then Sunkini has something for you. We have several bikini tops with a pocket for removable inserts that also work great to use for your breast prosthesis. Depending on what your breast prosthesis looks like and what size it is, you may be required to cut the pocket slightly so that the breast prosthesis fits. The bikini tops that work with a prosthesis are top with push, top with support and top with tie straps.

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