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Bikini bottoms

Bikini bottoms for women in several models and colors

With us, you will find bikini bottoms in several different models, colors and patterns. Match your bikini set with the same pattern or choose different for a more eye-catching look. Choose a model that fits your body shape and style perfectly. Wearing a bikini should be ...

comfortable so you can enjoy the beach hangout, your spa weekend, the sun holiday or just when you are at home and have a good time in the heat. Shop a bikini from Sunkini and get ready for the beach. You can easily sort by color and size so you can find what you are looking for faster.

Quick-drying bikini bottoms that are tan through

All our bikini bottoms are tan through to give you a smoother and more even tan. The small holes in the fabric mean that the sun's rays also reach the skin under your bikini bottom. For best effect, you need to move around bands and elastics from time to time as these do not let any sun rays through. How much of the sun's rays reach the skin depends on how many layers of fabric the bikini bottom has. It is also possible to cut a layer of fabric if you want to increase the tan through effect on the bikini bottom. Because the sun passes through the fabric, we always recommend using SPF. The bikini bottoms are also very quick-drying. If you are in direct sunlight, you will quickly get rid of the wet and uncomfortable feeling that usually wet swimwear can give. With our bikini bottoms, you do not need to change after you have bathed.


Which model should I choose on my bikini bottom?

We have the classic triangular bikini bottom that we call a knotpants. The knotpants is slightly lower in the waist and you can adjust the straps in the sides yourself. The knotpants is perfect if you want to emphasize your hips. Our hotpants are perfect if you like simple and comfortable bikini bottoms that cover well and have a normal waist. High waist pants suit you who want a high-waisted bikini bottom that is wider at the sides. With the help of the laces on the sides, you can decide for yourself how high-waisted you want the bikini bottom to be. All our models are available in several different sizes, so we hope that you will find a bikini bottom that suits you. Keep in mind that the drawing images below are not identical to what the product looks like.


Bikinitrosa - KnyttrosaKnotpants Bikinitrosa - HotpantsHotpants Bikinitrosa - Trosa hög midjaHigh waist pants


What size should I choose for my bikini bottom?

On our knotpants, you can generally take the size you normally wear on bottoms. However, the knotpants is a little lower in the waist than our other bikini bottoms, so if you want it a little higher, we would recommend that you take a size larger. It is possible to tie the bikini bottom to the sides to some extent. Also on hotpants, we recommend that you take the size you generally have on bottoms. The same goes for our bikini bottom with a high waist. If you are between two sizes, we would recommend that you choose the larger size. If you want more information about which size to choose, you can check out our size guide, or contact us for more help.


Washing tips for your bikini bottom

We always recommend hand washing to maintain quality for as long as possible. It is best to rinse the bikini with a little soap after each use and then hang dry. Do not twist the water out in a wet state as it can ruin the quality and fit. The bikini bottoms can be machine washed at 40 degrees Celsius with similar colors, but we would still recommend a gentle washing program. Use a laundry bag to protect details and the fabric from being destroyed by other garments. Our products can not be tumble dried or ironed.


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