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Black pattern bikini top with push for ladies from Sunkini. Black pattern bikini top with push for ladies from Sunkini. Black pattern bikini top with push for ladies from Sunkini. Rock Solid - Top with push

Rock Solid - Top with push

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Product Description:

The top has straps that provide good support for the bust. The shoulder straps are removable and you can easily adjust the length of these, and you can also adjust the width at the back. Included with the top are two cushions for those who desire a bit of extra push. Our innovative fabric is extremely fast-drying which of course is a big plus when you're at the beach. Instead of changing into a new top after a swim, you can use the same one since they dry very quickly.

Like all Sunkini products the bikini tops let extra sunshine trough to get you a more even tan. They protect your skin with a sunscreen factor of 30 since it’s three layers of fabric (at the back, there is only one layer), but if you decide to use the removable cushions the sunshine won’t get through. You can always remove one or both inner layers of fabric to let more sunshine through if you’re not using the cushions. This would reduce the sunscreen factor. The tops are not transparent, they only let extra sunshine through. Remember that the elastic lining doesn't let through any sunlight, therefore it's good to move them around a bit while you're tanning.


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