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Jeans patterned tan through bikini from Sunkini Tan through bikini top with support from Sunkini Sunkinis tan through bikini top Sunkinis tan through bikini top with support Bikini with jeans pattern Bikinitopp with support from Sunkini Quickdrying bikini top from Sunkini Sunkinis tan through bikini top with support Sunkinis jeans patterned bikini Bikini that dries quickly from Sunkini Jeans - Top with support

Jeans - Top with support

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Product Description:

The top has straps that provide good support for the bust. The shoulder straps are removable and you can easily adjust the length of these. Included with the top are two cushions for those who desire a bit of extra push.

The fabric dries extremely fast, which means you do not have the same need to change the bikini after a bath as you have with an ordinary bikini. Like all Sunkinis products the bikini top lets the sun through so you get a more even tan. The fabric corresponds to approximately sunscreen factor 20, but if you use the cushions then no sun gets through at all.


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