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Black Diamond - Top with support Black Diamond - Top with support Black Diamond - Top with support Black Diamond - Top with support Black Diamond - Top with support

Black Diamond - Top with support

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Product Description:

●  Tie in neck and back

●  Customizable size

●  Removable padding

●  Quick drying

The top is triangle shaped and has  wider knot bands both in the back and around the neck so you can adjust the size to your own comfort. The linings under the bust and the sides give extra support and the top has removable padding which gives more support and shape.

If you are not sure about size, check out our size guide.

NOTE! Keep in mind that Black Diamond is more transparent than our other colors. Tunic, beachdress and sarong are all black while remaining products have a slight pattern.


Like all Sunkinis products, the swimsuit is extremely quick drying and lets the sun through for a more even tan. The fabric corresponds to approximately a sun protection factor of 10-12 for single fabric, and 16-20 for double fabric. You can choose to cut the interior fabric if you want more sunlight to come through, but make sure you do not think it is too transparent before you do. The elastic lining doesn't let through any sunlight, therefore it's good to move them around a bit while you're tanning for an even tan.


We have great deals for you who want to order a package with several products. You need to order via package prices, the discount is not automatically summed if you pick individual products to your shopping cart.

  €89 - Top, pants & sarong

  €99 - Top, pants & tankini

  €119 - Top, pants & tunic

  €119 - Top, pants & poncho

  €119 - Top, pants & beachdress

  €129 - Top, pants, tankini, sarong & hairband

OBS! Prices may not be up to date as they are automatically adjusted according to the exchange rate.


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