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Palm patterned swimsuit from Sunkini Swimsuit with palm pattern from Sunkini Tan through swimsuit from Sunkini Tan through swimsuit with palm pattern Sunkinis tan through swimsuit with palm pattern Swimsuit that dries quickly in the sun Swimsuit with palm pattern that dries quickly Swimsuit with quickdrying fabric from Sunkini Palm patterned swimsuit that dries quickly in the sun Swimsuit in green pattern from Sunkini Sunkinis tan through swimsuit that dries quickly

Palms - Swimsuit

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Product Description:

The perfect swimsuit for tanning and swimming. Combine it with the sarong if you feel like adding a bit more clothes when you're on the beach. The shoulder straps are adjustable, which give you some flexibility when it comes to the size. The swimsuits are smooth and the soft fabric dries quicker than normal bikinis, which means that you no longer need to endure a wet and cold swimsuit after a swim.

This swimsuit has a double layered design which gives you a good protection against the sun. It corresponds to a sunscreen factor of around 16 to 20. You can always remove a layer if you want to let more sunshine through and get a quicker tan. Although the material allows the sun to shine through, the elastic band does not. If you want to avoid tanlines you should move the straps occasionally. Note that the swimsuit is not transparent but has the ability to let the sunshine get through.

Our swimming suits are normal in size. You can adjust the length on the shoulder straps. If you are taller the cleavage will be a bit deeper. 


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