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Skincare package, Problematic Skin Skincare package, Problematic Skin Skincare package, Problematic Skin Skincare package, Problematic Skin

Skincare package, Problematic Skin


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Product Description:

This package, specially developed for you with acne and pimples, contains three products:

Face cleansing Cleansing Foam

Skin toner BHA Toner

Face cream Snail Repair Gel Cream


How-to-use morning and night:

1. Start, if necessary, with removing makeup from your eyes with makeup remover. You may be a little wet on your face when you begin to work in the cleaning that forms a foam. Massage it into your face for about 1 minute before rinsing it off with not to hot water. It deeply and efficiently remove any filth, makeup and impurities and the skin will afterwards feel a little bit rough.

2. Take a few drops with the skin toner and pat on the skin. It contains the total of 80% Aloe Vera-juice and 10% snail essence that together works moisturizing, calming and healing. It also contains BHA-acid that works mildly exfoliating, anti inflammatory and reduces tallow production. By using skin toner directly after cleansing and quickly adding moisture och nutrition the skin can efficiently absorb following skincare.

3. Apply Repair Snail Gel Cream to the face which has a calming and healing effect to the skin. The cream don’t contain any fat in terms of oil which means that it doesn’t clog your pores. It consist of a gel that efficiently goes into the skin and contributes to cell renewal simultaneously as it protect the skin from environmental impact factors.


Does the package suit you?

Acne and pimples is a common occurring skin condition that is caused by inflammation of the sebaceous glands. The problem occur usually in the face or on the chest and back where the sebaceous glands are the largest. The most common form of acne is “acne vulgaris” which can affect people of any age but are most common in puberty. In puberty the balance of hormones changes which may cause more fat to clog to the mouth of the sebaceous glands, which in turn may cause inflammation. It is important to know that this isn’t caused by bad hygiene or bad eating habits but by the amount of fat the sebaceous glands are producing. In most cases it stops at the blemish redness and blackheads (acne vulgaris). We believe that if you have these problems this package will suit you perfect and you’ll notice an improved result with less impurities in the skin.

In some cases it will be a slow bacterial growth in the sebaceous glands which gives an inflammatory acne with pustules and suppuration. In these cases will the skincare don’t help and you’ll probably need to get medical help with your acne.



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