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Skincare package, Mature skin Skincare package, Mature skin Skincare package, Mature skin Skincare package, Mature skin

Skincare package, Mature skin


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Product Description:

This package, specially developed for you with more mature skin, contains three products:

Face cleansing Cleansing Foam

Skin toner BHA Toner

Face cream Snail Bee High Content Essence


How-to-use morning and night:

1. Start, if necessary, with removing makeup from your eyes with makeup remover. You may be a little wet on your face when you begin to work in the cleaning that forms a foam. Massage it into your face for about 1 minute before rinsing it off with not to hot water. It deeply and efficiently remove any filth, makeup and impurities and the skin will afterwards feel a little bit rough.

2. Take a few drops with the skin toner and pat on the skin. It contains the total of 80% Aloe Vera-juice and 10% snail essence that together works moisturizing, calming and healing. It also contains Hyaluronic Acid which efficiently binds fluid to the skin and moisturize it deeply. By using skin toner directly after cleansing and quickly adding moisture och nutrition the skin can efficiently absorb following skincare. If the skin is dry and stiff it will not as easily assimilate following skincare but rather make them will only remain on the surface.

3. Apply Snail Bee High Content Essence to your face. The face cream is specially adapted to work against wrinkles and smooth lines in the face. It alleviates and prevents different types of skin conditions like rashes, inflammation, irritation and skin unevenness. The creams base is snail mucus with a HIGH concentration of bee venom and EGF, which together works to kick-in the skin's self healing process and stimulate the production of collagen which contributes to make it work anti aging. The high level of bee venom tricks the skin to think it has been stung by a bee which leads to increased blood flow and activation of collagen and elastin production. The cream also contains Adenosine which prevents the appearance of lines.

Does the package suit you?

Sooner or later, we all will be affected by mature skin. Dermis constitutes a large part of the skin's thickness and consists mostly of water that together with hyaluronic acid forms a gelatinous consistency. Collagen and elastin in the skin's tissue gives it its firmness and elasticity, abilities which are connected to the skin's softness, vitality and flexibility. With age the barrier function in the skin changes and an accelerating loss of moisture leads to drier and coarser skin. In dermis breakdown of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid occurs faster while at the same time new formation is slower. This leads to a more ungainly and thinner dermis with less flexibility and elasticity which in turn gives rise to fine lines and wrinkles. Our package for mature skin suits you who wants to counteract wrinkles and fine lines and get a nice luster. The products will not make the wrinkles magically disappear or totally prevent the appearance of new ones.



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