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Benton Snail Bee High Content Essence

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Product Description:

This face cream is suitable for you that wants to counteract wrinkles and even out lines in the face. With its efficient attributes it relieves and prevents different types of skin problems. This face cream contains snail mucus instead of water and with a high concentration of bee venom the two ingredients heals, repairs, reduces inflammation/redness, protects and moisturizes the skin.

The product contains:

Snail Mucus - it contain the total of 90% snail mucus which is a miracle ingredient and one of the most known in korean skincare. Snail mucus suppresses inflammation, is antiseptic, heals damaged skin and stimulate cell regeneration. It counteracts and relieves acne, skin pigmentation, enlarged pores, redness, eczema, dry skin and age signs.  

Bee venom - works anti aging and repairing. It tricks the skin thinking it has been stung by a bee which leads to increased blood flow to the “stung” area and activation of collagen and elastin production. Bee venom works efficiently against skin pigmentation and acne scars. Regular use improves skin texture and appearance.

EGF (oligopeptide) - is a plant based growth which works anti aging by stimulate cell regeneration.

Aloe Vera-juice - softens, moisturizes and relieves redness and irritation.

Adenosine - works anti aging, makes the skin smooth and prevents the appearance of lines. Allantoin heals, moisturizes and calms the skin.

Product type: Face cream

Main ingredients: Snail mucus, bee venom.

Contains: 60 ml

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