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Benton Honest Cleansing Foam

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Product Description:

The foam efficiently cleanse the skin from impurities and filth and opens up the pores. Adding moisture it makes the skin feel fresh and moisturized after usage. It’s very lasting and you’ll only need a small amount when using it.

Botanical extract such as green tea and liquorice root works calming and anti inflammation and with camellia oil and Aloe Vera-juice it softens and moisturizes the skin. Camellia oil is recycled from the tea plant’s seeds and it moisturizes, heals and softens the skin and works anti inflammation, being rich in essential fatty acids which damps irritation and calms the skin.

Gotu Kola is along with camellia oil also a popular ingredients in the asian skincare. This plant has been used in Asia for centuries as a herbalists for many positive effects on the skin. It’s rich in amino acids, beta carotene and essential fatty acids.


Product type: Cleansing

Skin type: All skin types

Main ingredients: Snail mucus, Aloe Vera-juice, glycerin arbutin, glykol rh-oligopeptide-1, bee venom, extract from plantain, extract from kelp, extract from periwinkle leaves, extract from bark of sell (salix alba), camellia oil, Gotu Kola, Shea butter.

Contains: 150g

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