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Benton Fermentation Essence

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Product Description:

This is a scientifically produced product with several scientific studies behind it that counteract wrinkles effectively with natural ingredients. One of the main ingredients is galactomyces - a fermented yeast fungus that is a by-product from fermentation of rice when brewing sake and it’s one of the most popular anti aging-ingredients from asian skincare.

The filtrate of this fungus is efficient for smoothing out the skin tone, control sebum, reduce acne problems and give moisture to the skin and increase the elasticity. This is a filtrate which is a very liquid texture between serum and water. When the skin's elasticity increases it has a better protection against environmental impact and skin stressors. An other important ingredients is hyaluronic acid which is a moisture forming sugar molecule that is naturally present in the skin and decreases with age which makes the skin drier. Hyaluronic acid and collagen maintains the skin’s moisture and structure and also promotes the wound healing, cell transport and increases inflammations. The filtrate also contains other natural ingredients that improves the skin quality and prevents aging signs. Apply daily after cleaning of the skin with for example Benton Honest Cleansing Foam. Take a few drops in your hand and pat gentle into the skin day and night. For extra good effect, use Snail Bee High Content Essence or lotion afterward.

Product type: Serum

Skin type: All skin types, but especially adjusted for sensitive skin

Main ingredients: Galactomyces fermentation filtrate, Hyaluronic acid ceramide, bifida ferment lysate (A type of probiotics that enhances the skin's protective barrier and activates cell renewal), allantoin, adenosine.

Contents: 100 ml

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