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Beachdress with pink pattern from Sunkini Tan through beachdress from Sunkini Pink Snake - Beachdress

Pink Snake - Beachdress

The dress has a great fit for most body types. You regulate the length of the dress yourself by adjusting the straps that runs along the side of the dress at the legs. You can make it shorter on one side or both if you desire. At the top, you can choose whether to have shoulder straps or use it as a tube dress without straps. The straps do not give any support and can easily be taken off and on with a small buckle. The fabric is very soft and pliable. Like all Sunkinis products the dress lets the sun through so you get a more even tan. The fabric corresponds to approximately sunscreen factor 12, which is a bit higher than many of our other products, but that is because the fit is not so tight against the skin.

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