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Palm patterned beach poncho from Sunkini Palm patterned poncho from Sunkini Sunkinis tan through poncho Beach poncho with palm pattern from Sunkini Tan through poncho with palm pattern Palms - Poncho

Palms - Poncho

Our ponchos are a must for the upcoming beach season. Whenever you feel like being a little more dressed, the ponchos are ideal. Since our ponchos are designed as "fits all", you can only choose between two sizes – 1 & 2. 1 is perfect for you who normally would wear XS-L, if you wear L-XXL the size 2 is better. The design of the ponchos is airy and loose but you can still show off your silhouette by using the included belt.

The fabric is incredibly smooth, pliable and lightweight. In addition, it also dries quickly and makes it a must to your beachwear. Like always when it comes to Sunkini products, the fabric of the ponchos lets the sun through and gives you a nice tan. However, this fabric corresponds to approximately sunscreen factor 12, which is a notch higher than our usual products. The reason is that the poncho is looser in its fit than for example our bikinis.


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Briefs, top, sarong, tankini & hairband

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