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Dark blue patterned bikini från Sunkini Dark blue tan through strapless top from Sunkini Bikini in dark blue pattern from Sunkini Navy Star - Strapless top

Navy Star - Strapless top

This comfortable strapless top is easily adjustable. You can adapt it by making a knot in the back. The strap around your neck does not provide support, instead the support comes from the small and thin rails on the side of the strapless top. It is made with a fabric that dries very fast, which means that you no longer have to settle for a wet and cold bikini after a swim.

As with all products from Sunkini, this is also made with a special fabric that lets the sunshine through. It corresponds to a sunscreen factor of approximately 20 thanks to the double layered design. Although the sunlight can shine through and give you a nice tan, the fabric is not transparent. If you want to increase the amount of sunlight that comes through the top you can always remove the extra layer of cloth. This gives you a sunscreen factor of around 8-10 instead of 20.

If you are a size S you can go down a size on the strapless top. If you normally buy small t-shirts but have a D cup bra size we recommend that you choose size 10. If you normally have a C cup and buy small sized t-shirts, we recommend size 8. The strapless top is well proportioned and suits many different types of bodies. If you have a larger chest with a small cup size the strapless top will suit you as well. For those who usually have size L in t-shirts and B cup bra size, we recommend size 8. The strapless top does not give any breast support. 


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