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Purple patterned tan through bikini from Sunkini Purple patterned triangular top from Sunkini Purple bikini from Sunkini Triangular top i purple pattern from Sunkini Quickdrying triangular top from Sunkini Bikini in purple pattern that dries quickly Purple patterned bikini from Sunkini Marocco - Triangular top

Marocco - Triangular top

Our triangle bikini tops are the perfect beachwear since they're extremely adjustable. Depending on your body shape you can easily adjust the triangles sideways to make them fit perfect. For optimal comfort, you can also adjust the length of the chest strap and tie a knot when the size is adjusted. If you need to shorten the chest strap you can just cut it off at a suitable length. The best thing with our triangle bikini tops is that the fabric is incredibly smooth, responsive and quick-drying. Normally you might have to change your bikini after a swim since the fabric get soaked. However, when using a Sunkini triangle top this is not necessary. Our bikinis dry extremely fast. For an even tan the triangle top is the perfect alternative since the fabric lets the sun through. Just remember that the straps don't let any sun through so you might want to move them occasionally while tanning.

All the products from Sunkini gives you an even tan and minimize tanlines. Our special and innovative fabric has only a protection similar to sunscreen 16 to 20. However, if you want a more intensive tan you can easily remove the inner fabric, then the sun protection will be equal to sunscreen 8-10.

Regarding our triangle bikini tops we suggest you pick your size depending on your cup size. Since the chest straps are quite long it's easy to adjust the length later. When you're done with the adjustments you can cut of the extra length of the straps if you wish.

NOTE!First time using this product the pink bands can color off, especially if you lie against a bright surface. Before using this product we recommend you wash it with similar colors in 40 degrees. 


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