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Wild Leo - Knotpants Wild Leo - Knotpants Wild Leo - Knotpants Wild Leo - Knotpants Wild Leo - Knotpants Wild Leo - Knotpants

Wild Leo - Knotpants

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Product Description:

These popular briefs are provided with a very chic knot at each side and the design is slightly lower than our normal briefs. The briefs are sewn with a scrunch butt, which means that the fabric is wrinkled at the back without necessarily cutting in. The scrunch enhance your curves in a good and attractive way! If you want a higher fitting you can increase one size and if you want a lower fit you can go down a size. To regulate the fitting to make your knotted briefs look perfect on your body, simply tie the knot to adjust size and comfort.

Our innovative fabric is extremely fast-drying which of course is a big plus when you're at the beach. Instead of changing into new briefs after a swim, you can use the same ones since they dry very quickly. Like all Sunkini products the briefs let extra sunshine trough to get you a more even tan. They protect your skin with a sunscreen factor of 16 to 20. The briefs have two protective layers of fabric, and you can always remove the inner fabric to let more sunshine through. This would reduce the sunscreen factor to around 8 to 10. They are not transparent, they only let extra sunshine through. Remember that the elastic lining doesn't let through any sunlight, therefore it's good to move them around a bit while you're tanning.


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