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I'm honestly very pleased with my Sunkini and i recommend it to my friends!
The tankini works very well and i haven't got any tan lines even though i've used it all day sometimes. I've used the tankini all summer!
The bikini top is also great, the only wish i have is that it would be nice to be able to remove the band around the neck since it gives tan lines (since it's another material).
The bikini pants i'm also happy with, they are not too transparent, but maybe that depends on which print you chose. The size is also good. I got some tan lines from the pants, but not much at all.
The fabric is supernice to wear and dries really quick!

BR, Johanna Segerheim

Comment from Sunkini: Johanna bought a tube top. The band around the neck is just for decuration, so it's absolutely fine to permanently remove it if you wish so.

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