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Review Mariann Åkerlund


I just want to write a few words about my Sunkini:
Super satisfied! It fits like a glove. No need to adjust it after bathing, it just stays in place.
It is NOT transparent (even though i first feared so when i saw it).
I get tanned through, even where the neck bands are. I didn't expect that since the neck bands are double fabric, i.e. thicker.
One good thing about the homepage is that you have models that are bigger than size 34/36 so that i, which have a larger cup size, can imagine how i would look in a Sunkini.
As i said, i'm very happy with my Sunkini. I have nothing negative to say.
Well, my man wonders: "when will there be swimming pants?". He's probably just jelous.

Best regards Mariann Åkerlund


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