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Review Jenny Viktor

Hi Leif..
Here's my review, that you may use.
I'm totally happy about my Sunkini,
My usual tanlines are not white but beatifully tanned. You can see where the bikinis has been on the body, but it is very far from the hard white line that you get from regular bikinis...
My initial thought when i got the bikini was "geez, this is superthin", but once you get it on your body it covers well and is not transparent at all for the eye.
The bikini dries very quickly and also feels nice when it's wet.
I have recommended Sunkini to ALL of my friende and already four of them have bought your bikinis...
Your triangular bikinis, is it possible to slide them as as you can on most other bikinis? If that possible i'd like to buy one more... haha...

Hugs to you... I'm sending a picture where you only see a bit of the bikini, but it's been used very much this summer.
Best regards,
Jenny Viktor

Comment from Sunkini: Our triangular tops are possible to slide on the chestband, so we look forward to another order from you =)

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