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Cost for single pieces

Knot pantie 395 SEK
Regular pantie 395 SEK
Tube top 395 SEK
Triangular top  395 SEK
Tankini  495 SEK
Sarong  295 SEK
Hairband  85 SEK


Package prices

With our package prices you can save up to 370 SEK, but you must click on package prices on the menu to the left and place your order there to get the discount.


Package 1

Pantie & top  695 SEK
(Save 95 SEK)  


Package 2

Pantie, top & tankini 995 SEK
(Save 290 SEK)  


Package 3

Pantie, top, sarong, tankini & hairband 1295 SEK
(Save 370 SEK)  
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