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Frequently asked questions


Will I get tan lines?

Even with a Sunkini you will get some tan lines, however, these will be minimal. Since the fabric is equal to sunfactor 8 to 10 the best thing to do is to use a lower sunfactor under the bikini than on the rest of your body. Also remember that the linings, straps and bands don't let any sun through, but you can easily move those while you tan.


How are the sizes?

The sizes are normal, for more information have a look at our size guide.


Will the fabric dry quickly?

The fabric that we use in our Sunkinis is extremely fast-drying. Just a few minutes after you've had a swim the bikini will be dry, even faster if the sun is shining.


Is the bikini transparent?

The first time you hold your bikini it might appear slightly transparent. However, in order to get a fair result, you need to try it on, preferably in sunlight. We let 30 people try our swimwear but no one thought the fabric was transparent. Our swimwear comes in many shapes, colors and patterns which helps confuse the eye and minimize the risk of it appearing transparent. The Sunkini won't be transparent when you swim. 


How should i wash it?

You can easily hand wash your bikini and let it dry naturally (not in a tumbler).  You can wash it in 40 degrees in machine wash but we recommend you only machine wash it when needed.First time using this product the bands can color off, especially if you lie against a bright surface. Before using this product we recommend you wash it with similar colors in 40 degrees.


Freight and returns?

You have 30 days right of regret,and we have free freight & free returns withing Sweden. If you choose to return your Sunkini then it must be completely unharmed.

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